Too transparent

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Too transparent

Beitragvon daggeg » 16.12.2017, 12:58

When singing and hitting the correct note I think that "fill in" is too transparent. I would like to have it a bit denser. How do I do to adjust it? I've primarly been looking in the XML-file "ScreenSing" after a row beginning with <A> to adjust the transparency value but I haven't found the correct one.
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Re: Too transparent

Beitragvon flokuep » 16.12.2017, 16:24

This is especially done by texture and not by coloring during drawing. So you need to adjust Notes*.png files.

Generally: Yeah, with this kind of background video, it really looks contrastfull... Maybe we can improve this.
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Re: Too transparent

Beitragvon Jiiniasu » 17.12.2017, 19:29

I'm slightly confused with which state of the note you are referring to. Is it for a correctly sung note as you indicate in the text or is it the unsung notes as indicated in your screenshot? Maybe both? =P

I've had diffuculties finding a good transparancy/visibility balance as it is very dependant on the background as it is now...

I'd gladly generate some new textures with different transparancies for you to try out and give feedback on as soon as I know what does and doesn't work well for you.
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