UltraStar 0.8.3

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UltraStar 0.8.3

Beitragvon Corvus5 » 20.02.2011, 22:15

Stable UltraStar 0.8.3 edition has been released. The game runs with new skin, uses chessboard mode by default and requires powerful graphics card to play on the high quality settings due to heavy pixel shader usage compared to the previous edition. Enable high quality settings in the game graphics options. The voice pitch detection is also improved resulting in much more dynamic changes in displayed singbars. Song loading, movie rendering and online function are improved compared to the 0.8.2 edition.

Changes in UltraStar 0.8.3 stable since beta version:
  • New skin
  • Three quality settings: low (default), medium and high
  • Pixel shader on medium and high quality setting profile
  • Very heavy pixel shader usage on highest quality setting profile
  • Improved voice pitch detection technology
  • New high resolution fonts
  • Shift + up/down keys change sorting in the chessboard mode
  • A lot of minor fixes

Changes in UltraStar 0.8.3 beta:
  • Improved chessboard mode display
  • Page up, page down, home and end keys are working on the chessboard song display mode
  • Plus and minus keys zooms in and out chessboard song display mode
  • Song can be quit with mouse
  • Improved video playback
  • Improved colors
  • Fixed crashing when retrying network connection

Changes in UltraStar 0.8.3 alpha:
  • Roulette and Chessboard song display mode can be selected in the game options
  • Music is playing after end of singing
  • Movies with over 50 and up to 100 FPS can be played
  • Song sorting speed improved by +100%

Changes in UltraStar 0.8.3 pre-alpha:
  • Game Mode selection screen
  • Experimental chess song display mode available with -chess parameter
  • Experimental and very buggy Direct3D mode available with -direct3d parameter
  • FPS limiter can be turned off with -nolimit parameter
  • A lot of game engine optimizations

You can download UltraStar 0.8.3 stable installer here: UltraStar-0.8.3.exe

Source: www.ultrastargame.com/news/ultrastar-083-released
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Re: UltraStar 0.8.3

Beitragvon CryBert » 21.02.2011, 21:22

Looks really good!
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