UltraStar 0.8.0

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UltraStar 0.8.0

Beitragvon Corvus5 » 01.06.2010, 19:38

http://www.ultrastargame.com/component/ ... 3-latest-news/26-ultrastar-080-released

New UltraStar 0.8.0 is ready. New 0.8 series introduces in game download option and jukebox mode. Graphics are improved giving a new fresh look at the game. Game is faster and uses less memory than the previous series. All songs are available as a downloadable content within the game.

Changes in UltraStar 0.8.0 since beta are listed below:

* Game waits no more than 10 seconds to estabilish network connection
* Proper loading large songs collections
* Fixed scoring lines with mixed normal and freestyle notes
* Faster song sorting
* Less memory usage

UltraStar 0.8.0 beta:

* Jukebox mode
* New glass note graphics with more vivid colors
* New glass score and avatar background graphics when singing
* Up to 3 times faster drawing of the song selection screen
* Song preview doesn't play when moving between songs
* Better note scaling on different aspect screens
* Network download stops when hitting escape
* A lot of minor fixes

UltraStar 0.8.0 alpha:

* New note graphics

UltraStar 0.8.0 pre-alpha:

* Songs can be downloaded in the game
* New popup menu when selecting song
* Fixed reporting proper ID as wrong
* Hard disk icon for downloaded songs

The UltraStar 0.8.0 can be downloaded HERE: http://www.ultrastargame.com/component/content/article/3-latest-news/26-ultrastar-080-released
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