Ultrastar 0.6.0 Video problem + UltrastarDx Mic problem

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Ultrastar 0.6.0 Video problem + UltrastarDx Mic problem

Beitragvon OB1KOB » 04.05.2008, 12:13

I have a problem when I try to play songs with video, with ultrastar 0.6.0.
The videos playing skipping many many frame. (about 1fps)
The same videos playing correctly with ultrastarDx101a but the ultrastarDx have problem when use the singstar's microphones practically one of two mic receive and not receive the voice, it's difficoult to explain, but it's not usable with two player.
Tested on two pc, with many video and song, tested on clean windows installation, tested different codec for video, tested 4 singstar's microphones.
Have any idea to solve one of this two problems?
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