Sync problem in ultrastar

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Sync problem in ultrastar

Beitragvon Spearedge » 22.09.2007, 10:50

I have quite a problem with ultrastar it's simply running too slow.

I have played ultrastar for a long time and never had any problem. But suddenly it has stopped working. And thiis has happened on all ultrastarversions.
So this is not a fault in a song or something similiar..

What happens is that the song plays on at a normal rate but ultrastar on the other hand goes into slowmotion and one second there is like two seconds in reality. That means that neither the gap value nor the bpm value is correct in any song that previously worked. I've tested this on both ultrastar0.5.2 and ultrastar dx 1.0. Could anyone help me, please?

Problem fixed, something had caused the graphicsdriver to behave wierdly.
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