Running too slow to play

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Running too slow to play

Beitragvon mmace » 11.08.2007, 12:05

I gave a copy of Ultrastar to my brother and he built a PC to play it on. He built a 2Ghz celeron PC with 2Gb RAM and a GeForce graphics card (unsure of what model) and it runs the program so slow that you cannot play the game

any ideas what the cause may be?

the PC has Windows XP and Ultrastar on it, that's all
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Beitragvon BlindGuard » 11.08.2007, 12:13

Check if all Drivers are on the newest level..
Specially the Graphic-Card-Drivers are very important.

The System (CPU, RAM) should do very fine... So I think it's a driver problem (or maybe you have activated Antialiasing?)

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